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How do I start my new role in the best way possible?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

On January 3rd, 2022 the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 4.5 million people walked off the job.

With this, I have an influx of clients starting new roles and I am getting the same question from each of them:

How do I start my new role in the best way possible?

Such a great question and props to them for having the awareness to set themselves up for success, from the beginning. Here is the coaching model I use with these clients:

Starting a new job off on the right foot is so important. Your success comes down to three main components:




Consider these questions:

  1. What mindset do you want to have as you enter this role and what mindset do you want to maintain?

  2. How can you use the tool of Curiosity to influence?

  3. How do you align those around you to your thoughts, visions, and goals so they become your advocates and supporters in this new role?


Grab a piece of paper and give this model a try:

1. Mindset:

  1. In my old role I felt: __________________________

  2. In my old role I wanted to change: __________________________

  3. Transform A & B positively into how you want to enter your new role

EXAMPLE: a: I felt frustrated, unnoticed and undermined in my old role. b: I wanted to implement improvements for the whole team. I wanted to have decision rights. I wanted a supportive manager. c: In this new role I will have a positive impact on my team by bringing in innovative ideas, I will have confidence to speak up and share, I will collaborative with my new manager to ensure they understand what I need to be successful.

2. Curiosity:

  1. What happens when you are curious with people & situations? ________________

  2. What impact does it have on you when someone is curious in you? _____________

  3. Combine A & B and create a “I” because “them” statement

EXAMPLE: a: they open up to me, I learn a lot, I develop a relationship with them. b: I feel they care, they are interested in me, I feel included, I feel valued. c: I will approach people with curiosity because I will learn a ton and create strong relationships while making them feel that I care about their interests, inclusion and the value they bring to me.

3. Alignment:

  1. Given your new mindset and curious approach to this new situation, you want to ensure you are aligned with those around you. Aligned means --> you uncover & address assumptions.

  2. Do people around you have a good idea of all the great ideas/visions/strategies in your head? Are these ideas what you want or are they what they want (“they” being your boss, company, coworkers, etc.).

  3. If it’s only about what you want, your footing in this role will be compromised. Follow 1 & 2 above and start alignment conversations as you step into this role.

It's so important to take control and lead your life into this next job. Take control with how you show up, how you work with others, the mindset you have...take control of the success that you want to create for yourself. You CAN do this. Doing it alone can be difficult. Tap on someone to help you with these 3 steps - tap on a friend, peer, mentor or coach!

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